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PerPayment® Country Level Joint Venture Application Form

In Joint Venture Model a legal entity is formed in local country with company directors from PerPayment® & JV Owner.
Why Buy PerPayment® JV?

Alternate for Google AdNetwork.

With 60 % of the global online sites not showing Ads due to Google strict Ads Approval policy.

PerPayment which does not require approval to display Ads would be an alternative.

In addition PerPayment has three income generation avenues, AdNetwork, Ads Trading Platform & Social Networking Influencer Program.

For any corporate business looking for diversification of investment PerPayment® JV purchase would be a long term beneficial investment.

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PerPayment® Joint Venture Completion
5 Step Process
  1. Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Get Online link for Applicant to send the required information
  3. PerPayment® Team visits the Applicant's site/ Applicant's Team visits PerPayment® office
  4. MOU Signed with Prospective JV Partner
  5. JV Agreement Signed

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$ 2999 Total Cost For Initial JV Discussion for PerPayment®

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