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A-I-R-S Number™?

Business A-I-R-S Number™ is a proprietary system developed and managed by American Business Association, Inc that assigns a unique aplhanumeric identifier, referred to as "Business A-I-R-S Number™" to a single business entity.

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Business A-I-R-S Number™

  1. Get your companies unique international identity.
  2. The A-I-R-S Number™ is recognized by the world’s most influential standard-setting organizations, governments & trade organizations
  3. A-I-R-S Number™ is used to verify a company’s credentials and existence faster during the EV SSL application process
  4. To safeguard payments, many importers/exporters require the other party to have verified business by American IRS®
  5. A-I-R-S Number™ along with financial business report card, makes it easier for investors to validate the legitimacy of a business

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Over 800,000 companies build their international identity through Business A-I-R-S Number™